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Kings moving services understands that your company’s Corporate relocation service or relocation services requirements are unique. We can help your company create an organizational relocation plan that fits your company’s needs, regardless of the size or service or quality of your company.


If you are a relocating employee a lump sum, We may help streamline your organizational movement so you can focus on your new job. We can eliminate some of the stressful tasks that come with corporate relocation, from helping you with packing and storage until you discover real estate.


If you are a corporate relocation manager, Kings moving services can act as a seamless extension of your relocation team, allowing you to provide the necessary management tasks, move management, and focus on other key aspects of your work. Our staff helps your staff get to their places on time and within budget so they can settle into their new role quickly. If your transporter has a small move, see here all the benefits of our small move plan Snap moves.

List of corporate moves:

Full packing services

We offer full packing services, which will save time and reduce stress. Your organizational relocation may be requested; Let us do the heavy lifting.


Area packing services

Our area packing services allow you to choose which products / rooms you may need more assistance and which ones you would like to pack yourself.

Opening services

We can help you organize with our compilation services. We can open packed boxes for you, allowing you to focus on the most important things like moving into your new home and work.


Garbage and garbage disposal

Let us know at the time we provide your quote- or, at any time before we finish your delivery – if you decide later – we will return within 30 days of delivery to pick up your empty cartons and packaging related waste.


Other services

In addition to the above, we offer custom / fragile products, electronics packaging and custom crating for installation and cleaning services.


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